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... King of Kings;
Look at my works, ye mighty, and despair.

ncient Egypt has long been one of the most fascinating of the ancient civilisations of Earth. We have been filled with awe by the beauty of their sculptures and paintings, the stories of their leaders and the splendour of their achievements.

They were one of the first human races to express themselves in writing, thus leaving us a record of their history. The powerful images of their building skills are apparent in the Pyramids of Giza and the statue of the Sphinx.

This site will show you a little about the life of the ancient Egyptians and how it has been discovered.

There are many different interpretations of Egyptian texts. The information in these pages is adapted from the following sources:

A Concise Dictionary of Egyptian Archaeology / Broderick & Morton
Usborne Pocket Guide to Ancient Egypt
Tutankhamen / Christiane Desroches-Noblecourt
BBC Fact Finders - Egypt / Steve & Patricia Harrison
Glorious Treasures - Ancient Egypt / Karen Sullivan
The Splendour That Was Egypt / Margaret Murray
The Ancient World / John Briquebec
Look Inside - An Egyptian Tomb / Brian Moses
An Introduction To Egyptology / James Putnam
The Encyclopędea Britannica
The T.V. documentary series "The Face of Tutankhamun"
(I've shamelessly 'ripped-off' the title of the TV series, and a short section of the dialogue
for my final paragraph on Howard Carter, because I thought it was so good.
My thanks to Professor Christopher Frayling for a fantastic series of programmes.)

plus many other sites that are available on the Internet.

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