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Queen Nefertari

efertari was the wife of Ramses II and she is seen from the very first years of Ramses reign. It is possible that she was the daughter of Bakenkhons, a prominent court official, and she held the position of Great Wife. She had two sons, Prehirwonmef and Amonhirwonmef, and her daughters bore the names Mertatum and Merytamon.

Her tomb was found in the Valley of the Queens and is one of the largest and most beautiful ever found. A temple built at Abu Simbel was dedicated to both Nefertari and to the goddess Hathor. No further mention of her has been found after the dedication of the temple and it is not known whether she died or retired to the harem complex at Fayoum.

The picture at the top of the page, from the tomb of Nefertari, shows the Queen playing senmut, a game like chess, at a low table.

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