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Queen Nefertiti

efertiti first appears in Egyptian history when she becomes the Great Royal Wife of Akhenaten. Her name means "the beautiful woman has come" and she is one of the most famous and beloved of all the ancient Egyptians. There has been debate about her origins. Whilst some believe her to be a foreign princess others believe she had Egyptian origins.

Once married to Akhenaten she bore him six daughters and although it is possible she may have had sons there has been no record discovered of such births. As Akhenaten moved towards the worship of one god Nefertiti moved with her husband to Akhetaten and is shown there participating in all the religious ceremonies. It was only through the combined royal pair that the god Aten's full blessing could be bestowed. Her name was changed to Nefernefruaten, "Beautiful in beauty is Aten".

In Year 15 of Akhenaten's reign Nefertiti mysteriously disappears from view and it is possible that she died although some believe she was banished to a northern palace for some reason. Whatever the reason, Akhenaten is then portrayed with his eldest daughter Meritaten who is married to a prince called Smenkhkare.

Akhenaten's own words at describing Nefertiti:

The Hereditary Princess, Great of Favor, Mistress of Happiness,
Gay with the two feathers, at hearing whose voice one rejoices,
Soothing the heart of the king at home, pleased at all that is said,
the Great and Beloved Wife of the King,
Lady of the Two Lands, Neferu-aten Nefertiti, living forever.

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