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Seti I (Menmaatre)
1294-1279 BC
19th Dynasty

eti was the son of Ramses I and Queen Sitre. Like his father he was a fine military leader and lead campaigns into Asia, reclaiming territory in Syria and Palestine. He consolidated Egyptian power and successfully resisted the Hittites with whom he signed a peace treaty.

He instigated a vast programme of building and his Temple at Abydos contains numerous superb bas-reliefs which are regarded as some of the finest examples of Egyptian art. This style of relief sculpture was also used to decorate his tomb which is the most beautiful in the Valley of the Kings. Cut 300 feet into the cliffs, it was the largest tomb in the area and buried with him were over 700 Shabti. These were carved stone or wooden figures that were to accompany him to the afterlife to comply with the requests from the gods.

Towards the end of his reign Seti I shared his throne with his son, Ramses II, who was to become the greatest pharaoh of all.

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